Who is Roger Williams?

Roger Williams (born Louis Jacob Weertz, October 1, 1924 – October 8, 2011) was an American popular music pianist. Described by the Los Angeles Times as "one of the most popular instrumentalists of the mid-20th century", and "the rare instrumental pop artist to strike a lasting commercial chord," Williams had 22 hit singles – including the chart-topping "Autumn Leaves" in 1955 and "Born Free" in 1966 – and 38 hit albums between 1955 and 1972.

He was a Navy boxing champion, played for nine U.S. Presidential administrations, and had a gold Steinway & Sons grand piano model named in his honor.

Request granted

After having seen me perform this much well-loved version of Autumn Leaves on the piano, many have asked me for a tutorial.

Here it is!

Autumn Leaves, Top of the Charts version

Here I am performing this well-loved piano arrangement.

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